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Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Here's one music that was submitted by the sound composer that I mentioned earlier.  Since I'm deaf, I'm having my friend Spencer handle the sounds/music part of the game, and he has posted the music on his website.  I would like to hear your feedback on the music:


  1. Tell him that the music must be as good or better than the one found here:

  2. Here is my comment at the music.
    At the beginning it sounds too militaristic, sounds like a marching parade with all the drumms background.
    The while still having this all over marching theme it transitions into something I would describe as a song suitable for the credits of a game.
    It sounds like a celebration song to me. Like yeah you saved princess peach and all the little mushroom guys are marching in a parade for you.

    So as main theme I wouldnt like it, maybe as winning song at the end it would fit.

    Id qlike to read what others think if it too!
    I think for you its especially important to get some feedback on the sound part by a few more people, so I hope some of readers of your blog give you some comments on it!

  3. First I'll admit that my first console was a SNES, not a NES (though I play and appreciate a lot of games from previous era, the point here is that I didn't "grow up" with them) so I never had any nostalgia or admittedly much appreciation for chiptunes as a medium.

    With that out of the way, I say the composition itself is reminiscent of those old games in style as well--most of them seem to have featured Anthem-like title themes too. However, that trend seems to have diminished significantly by Master of Orion's release which itself featured a (not so great) attempt at a more melancholy theme.

    Basically, the theme isn't "bad" at all, per se, but it seems odd to me that the musical inspiration comes from a decade previous the the art and gameplay's inspiration (if that is presumably Master of Orion rather than say, Reach for the Stars).

    Not that I'm necessarily advocating a early 90's adlib or soundblaster aesthetic, in fact a fully modern composition and production style can fit in an otherwise retro styled game quite excellently. I hold up "Cthulhu Saves the World" as an example of this.

  4. I'd like to note that it is not loading the page or downloading the file when I attempted, and it ended up timing out. You might need to reupload this, I'm actually interested in hearing it.