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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Regions implemented, mostly

Whew, this has been a big task implementing regions.  Here's a preview of the new system window that shows the planets with their regions:

There's a bug with planet naming which I will fix later.  But for now, let me explain the new region view.  Any inhabitable planet will display a region circle that shows the type of region.  The first planet has 7 regions, second has 10, my planet has 8, and last planet has 7.  The region alternates brightness, starting from middle left, and goes clockwise.  Unfortunately with first and last planet, the first and last region have the same shade, making it look like one big region.  However, I consider it unimportant, since players will get used to that.  My planet's first 2 regions are Industry, and you can see two yellow regions, one a bit darker than the other.  Then farm, research, and mining, with last three undeveloped.

You now can specify the starting planet's regions in the data files, the result is what you can see from the above screenshot.

I'm not done yet, as I've had to rip out the old production system as well as the old specials, which means you can't build stuff now.  I hope to get production up again soon!  But first, I need to implement specials for planets (radioactives, special minerals, etc) and finish the UI stuff for the system window.  I want each planet to show its population and specials, as well as a numerical display of number of regions.  Then I'll work on the new UI for Planet management.  At that point, the planet management will be final and won't be changed for the rest of development.  Yay!  Then System/Empire production where you can actually build ships and research new technologies, yay!

This new system also resolved an design issue.  I wanted to allow renaming of planets, but with the old system showing only planet numbers, I couldn't figure out how to do that.  This new UI solves that!

Let me know what you think of the new UI!  For now, I'm off to bed!

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