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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Regions and direct routes

I've fleshed out the system window out a bit more, this is what it looks like normally (as if no planets have specials), so don't expect any more major changes for this window in the future:

I've also taken the opportunity to implement "Invisible Starlanes", or a lane connecting every star to every other star that won't be drawn.  I also implemented "speed modifiers" so you can modify starlanes and "off route"'s speeds in data files.  Currently, going direct, off road, costs 5x as much time as a normal starlane.  I also added a keypress (control button) to determine if you want a direct route or fastest route.  Sometimes you want to use direct route to surprise your enemies.  What this means is that the game now supports either starlanes (aka MoO 3) or no starlanes (aka MoO 1/2).  Here's what it looks like with either option:

Fastest route:

Direct route (with control key pressed):

I still need to add amount of turns indicator, but that's for later.  Next up is the planet management UI!  Feedbacks are welcome about the UI or design approaches.  I want this to be a worthy successor to MoO 1, so I'll need your opinions!

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