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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Loading and Roadmap

Whew!  The loading of saved games are now done!  In the course of working on this, I've discovered a few bugs and crashes unrelated to loading, and fixed them as well.  So the game is now better as a result.  I've also finally gotten rid of the DrawingManagement and its clunky drawing (the new SpriteManager is noticeably faster, so I've been changing over to it).  Also I got rid of unused and old graphics, leaving only the actual sprites that I will use in the game.

I've also bumped the game's version up to 0.5 due to the Save/Load being implemented.  But I'd like to do one more thing before I update the Desura's version, and that is the construction of new ships.  There's still no design screen, but the ship designs are there, so for now, the idea is that you'll be able to build more scouts or colony ships.

After the Desura version is updated, I will work on version 0.6.  The version 0.6's roadmap, or the "Empire Management" that I hope to have done within a month or less:

Implement Planets screen (list of planets that you've explored or colonized, as well as ability to boost production by transferring credits to a planet, and setting tax revenues, mostly UI stuff, with some features that needs to be added)

Implement Fleets screen (List of fleets that you have, with the option of scrapping a group of ships inside a fleet, or scrapping a ship design entirely, mostly UI stuff, with some minor feature additions)

Implement Research screen (Ability to set percentage of research in each field, as well as displaying researched technologies, purely UI stuff)

Implement Ship Design screen (The ship design code is already there, just need UI to create new ship designs, with a few features that needs to be implemented, such as normal or heavy version of weapons, single or double hulled armor, etc)

Implement the "Map" screen equivalent (instead of a separate map screen, you can zoom out/in and press appropriate keys to toggle displays of information, Fuel Ranges is one example already implemented.  Need to add "Environment" and "Territory" displays)

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