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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Ships and v0.5

I've added the ship production as well as corrected a few bugs related to it.  You can now build more scouts or colony ships.  To change the ship that you want to build, just click on the construction box in the planet UI and it'll change to the next design in the list.  In the future, I plan on adding UI for selecting a ship from list, instead of looping through each ship design.

With this, I was able to colonize more planets, send population to them, and basically start feeling like a 4X game :)  Tonight I'm uploading the new version, 0.5, so hopefully you all will have the new version from Desura within a few days.


  1. Already got it! Finally expanded my little empire! All that's left are techs, AI and diplomacy, right? :D

    1. And space combat, ground combat, bombardment, espionage, victory conditions.

    2. Technologies are already in the game (you can see this when researching fuel ranges), but for the most effect, they're unused yet. v0.6, along with UI stuff, will also flesh out the planet UI, as well as add missile bases, tech features (shrinking and cheaper, etc). Maybe ground combat.

      Then 0.7 will focus on Diplomacy, spying and AI. 0.8 focus on space combat, bombardment, and combat-related stuff. 0.9 will focus on victory conditions, random events, and wrapping up of general missing features. 1.0 will focus on Linux version, as well as getting it ready for beta. 1.0-2.0 will be the beta phase, while 2.0 and upwards will be the "fully playable version" where I start adding goodies.