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Thursday, September 26, 2013


This is a preview of the screen that I'm working on.  Guess which one it is :)  Yes, everything related to technologies has been implemented for ship design purposes (power, space, cost, etc, along with miniaturization based on tech level, and you can research new technologies, as well as using the "secondary item" of a technology, like Ion vs Heavy Ion Cannons).  So only things left for technologies are space combat handling, colony improvement functionality, and "advanced tech" that just raises the tech level of that field.  Technologies affecting colonies (more factories, stargates, missile bases, etc) will wait until I do the planet list screen.

I got a question for MoO 1 pros:

Does miniaturization affects a ship's maintenance?  I mean, if I research something that makes something cheaper on a ship, does the ship update its cost which affects its maintenance?  I'm assuming no due to the Scout/Colony Ship cost bug (you design Scout 2 or Colony 2 with the same design as Scout 1 or Colony 1, but it's cheaper because the original was created with tech level set at 0).  Right now, Beyond Beyaan handles maintenance with miniaturization implemented, so maintenance gets lower over time with the same ships, but I can change that to match MoO 1 if this is not the case.  Or do you guys think I should keep the miniaturization updating of maintenance?


  1. I can't say that I know the MOO system well enough; but it seems to me that lower maintenance for old ships would mostly help the AI, since they often keep the older designs around longer (from my vague memory). If that's the case, I would say just keep lower maintenance - I like the AI to get as much help as it can.

  2. I think it does update. I doubt the original MoO keeps track of it at all, just calculates it as x% of current design cost.

    Also, design cost shouldn't be tied to tech level at design time. "Extended Fuel Tanks" on a ship should cost the same at turn 400 no matter if the ship is designed at turn 1 or turn 150.