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Friday, March 14, 2014

Announcing the AI Developer

For those who've been worried about the AI for Beyond Beyaan, worry no more!  I am now joined by a Dr. Arpad Kelemen, who specialize in AI.  Let me introduce him:

"I am the #2 designer and developer of reMaster of Magic, which is the latest open source attempt to revive the best turn based strategy game idea of all time – Master of Magic. Master of Orion 1 is #2 on my list. I am a computer science PhD who is an extreme Master of Orion 1 fan since it came out. I am also a funded academic researcher who leads developments of computer games that involves programmers, doctoral students, and faculty at an American university.  My Ph.D. was in AI theory and AI software development. I published many scientific papers and books on AI and taught AI courses at a university."

Right now, he is assisting me in testing my game and giving me feedback on bugs and things that needs improvement.  When the game reaches a stable state, with all the rules frozen and bugs fixed, then he will start development on AI.

Please welcome Dr. Arpad Kelemen!


  1. Great to know you're onboard, Dr Kelemen!~ I can't wait to see what magic you work for this project~

  2. Welcome! Will he too post on this blog? I'd love to read about thought process behind AI implementation.

    1. I'm not sure, I'll ask him and see if he wants to do that. Right now we're focused on getting the game's features implemented, then he'll start adding AI to the game.

    2. Thank you for your interest. There is little time and lot to do. Due to my limited available time and perceived value of spending my time, I am happy to discuss anything except BB AI. I am happy to code AI, but nothing else. For now, I want to get the design right, make the game bug free, user friendly, and stable enough to be ready for AI. I think Brent and I could use more programmers. If anyone wants to volunteer, please let us know. Once I am knee deep in AI programming, I may choose to write about it. Until then, read my publications about AI, although not much on game AI.