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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Planet code ~95% done!

Yes, you read the title right, the planet's code is about 95% done!  The remaining 5% is for minor stuff like adding to list of notifications the player gets when starting his next turn, bug fixes, stargate which isn't implemented yet, planetary bonuses being applied, and number tweaking.  Now I'll finally go back to the Planets List screen and finish it.

The following has been implemented:

Factories, with robotic controls and refitting

Environment, with pollution cleanup, terraforming, atmospheric terraforming, soil and advanced soil enrichment, and population growth (yes, you can actually generate waste now, and reduce max population)

Missile bases and shields, including upgrading older bases (Yes, missile bases factor in your available technologies when determining how much it costs)

Display text for each of the field to correctly show what that field is working on ("Building Shield", "Atmospheric Terraforming", etc)

Matched the planet type generation to MoO 1 (such as higher chance of hostile planets at blue stars, etc)

Matched the planetary bonus generation from MoO 1 (even though their bonuses are not actually applied yet)

Matched the star type generation percentages from MoO 1 (Such as 25-30% chance of having red star, etc)

Fixed some crashes that I came across.

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