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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Slowly matching MoO 1's mechanisms

If you follow my commit history, you'll see that I'm working on under-the-hood for matching up Master of Orion 1's mechanisms.

It is a bit tedious work, nothing too exciting.  But I thought I'd let you know that work is still under way.  The planet list is mostly implemented, but required that I finish the planet mechanisms before I can finish the planet list.  So as soon as missile bases, waste, and a few other items are handled, then I'll finish the planet list and post a new screenshot.

There is one detail that I can't quite figure out.  The manual or the official strategy guide have no explanations on how waste affects population's growth.  Over at Realms Beyond, I learned that max waste is the planet's base size - 10 (terraforming does not count toward the limit, but atmospheric terraforming and soil enrichments does affect the limit).  But the actual population loss is still a mystery.  I did some number crunching, and the closest I could get to the game's results is the following:

private static float GetNewPop(float pop, float maxPop, float waste)
float newPop = pop - (pop * ((waste / maxPop) * 0.1f));
newPop = newPop + (pop * ((1 - (newPop / maxPop)) * 0.1f));
return newPop;

So if you happen to have the actual formula laying around, please share, thanks.

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