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Sunday, February 5, 2012


I've gotten feedback from one tester about various things. The feedback was very helpful in seeing what need to be fixed in terms of user friendliness. He was lost as what some of the buttons did, so I implemented tool-tips that pops up when you hover over a button.

I also tweaked how it shows the selected path and current path. Selected path is now just a crosshair to the desired destination, while current path shows a line where the fleet will go.

Since capturing a screenshot didn't show the mouse cursor, it is on the top-left of the tooltip. Here's the screenshot:

I've fixed some other annoying bugs (invisible stars and crosshair not showing up). I think the game should be a bit more stable now.

I'm going to add some more tooltips to the buttons, then send this version off to Desura for review. Let's hope they accept this game! *crosses fingers*

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