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Monday, January 30, 2012

Start of Battle Simulation

The cold is almost gone, but I still didn't feel well enough to go back to work. So while I stayed at home, I managed to work on combat simulation a bit. I've finished the battle selection window, the loading/setting up of battle, and started a bit on the space combat screen itself.

This is what I have in "Beam test.xml", I'm going to test a very simple configuration. One armor, one weapon, one reactor, and one engine of each type. Note that the first empire is human controlled, and the second is AI controlled. At this point, there's still no AI.

I then load up the game, and click on "New Game" from main menu. I then click on "Battle Simulator". It lists all the files inside the "battles" directory:

I select the beam test.xml file, and click on Commence. It loads in the data file, using the existing data files that are loaded from the current dataset. So far, I only have the background stars and the ships being drawn. This week I will add the UI elements for space combat screen.

As for the Desura, I'm waiting for the results of some people who said they'll test the game. When I recieve their feedback, I will fix the issues/implement any missing features, then submit the game for their review. Let's hope that it all works out!

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