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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Preview of Project Selection

I'm almost done with project selection window. It's when you're in production screen, and want to add a new project. On top left area is the list of systems with at least one available project. Bottom left shows where in the galaxy the selected system is, to help you plan on where to build stuff. On right are the list of available projects in the selected system. I plan on adding "OK" and "Cancel" buttons on bottom right.

This screen needs some polishing and some bug fixing, as well as new artwork for the buttons which aren't in yet. I thought I'd give you an idea of how you can add projects to the production screen.

I'm also almost done with production screen, but most of it was under the hood. So hopefully soon I'll have a good screenshot of that for you as well.

Here's the project selection screenshot (The system name color will perform the same as the galaxy, in that if more than one empire occupies the same system, it will be partially one empire's color, and partially the other empire's color):

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