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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Production Screen done for now!

Finally, after what felt like a long time, I've finished the production screen! At least, it's mostly done, there will be some extra features that I will add later to make managing projects easier. Anyway, now you can open Production Screen, add or remove projects, or manage output allocations!

In the screenshot, you can see that I have three projects, each at a different system. All three are building scouts, but each have different amount of production allocated to it. The top one have about 66% of the empire-wide production efforts, and will build 4 scouts this turn. The second one have less, but enough to build 2. The last one will take three turns to complete.

The number above slider is the amount of production (not percentage). The green bars shows how much will be done this turn, and how much so far has been completed. This is the first turn, so it's only two colors, green and grey.

The bottom right button is a placeholder until I get new artwork. The space on left of the button will be for sorting options. You will be able to sort by:
System the project is at
Cost of the project
Name of the project

Clicking on a selected sorting option will reverse the sort order. Anyway, that's the plan, but since everything's functional now, I will focus on other things. They are:
Orbiting planets with ships (required for colonization)
Invasion (it's already there, but have to be re-done)
Population transfer (it was there, but need to be re-done to use the new ship system)

After those four items are done, I will finally work on *drum roll* combat! Yes, space combat finally!


  1. Still zero comments? Tsk, tsk, tsk :D
    I presume BC income/loss is displayed somewhere outside production window.

    Anyway, keep at good work. I wish I could spare as much time and will to my 4X project :)

  2. I agree. Personally, I prefer to show my appreciation with my wallet. I sent 2 small amount of money to support the developer. And I'll buy the game later. C++, things like that, are "chinese" for me. And, I speak French But, I'm here often... and I wish him/her GOOD LUCK! :-)

  3. Ivan - Yes, the BC income/loss will be shown on bottom left of the screen. For this screen, it will show the amount of production your empire is generating near the button. I'm waiting for the new artwork before I finalize this screen.

    Claude - Thanks for your support, it's very much appreciated! I hope that the game will be something that you will enjoy playing! And I'm a "him" :)

  4. Just persist, and you'll succeed one day.

    Rain, sunshine, rain, sunshine, rain, sunshine...

    I'ts like that for everyone.

    (My God, I'm crying...) :-)

  5. Looks good! We await with anticipation.

  6. Not an important feature, but one that I would appreciate: the ability to round down and still have the same amount of time left to completion. After rounding down the BCs allocated to that product, the bit that was rounded off would be distributed to other jobs.

    In your example the current production is:
    Scout@B : 66.0 BCs - 4 per turn
    Scout@P : 33.5 BCs - 2 per turn
    Scout@BL: 5.1 BCs - 1 per 3 turns

    To me it looks like a scout costs 15 BCs. If one were to press the "round" button for the first production job, the result would look like this:
    Scout@B : 60.0 BCs - 4 per turn
    Scout@P : 38.7 BCs - 2 per turn
    Scout@BL: 5.9 BCs - 1 per 3 turns

    Hasn't changed much yet, but if someone rounded the second job, then the following would occur:
    Scout@B : 60.0 BCs - 4 per turn
    Scout@P : 30.0 BCs - 2 per turn
    Scout@BL: 14.6 BCs - 1 per 2 turns (virtually 1 per turn)

    This increases the number of scouts built at BL quite a bit.

    I see two ways to implement this. The first would be to have a "round" or "optimize" button next to each job. When selected, the slider will snap down to the amount that will still complete as many per turn and the BCs saved will be redistributed to the other jobs proportionally. The other way would be to have a button to optimize everything. That would start at the largest BC job, round that, and keep going down and rounding at each job until the smallest BC job.

    The problem with the first method is for it to work right (at least how I imagine it) a player would need to round, lock and repeat for each job. If the player didn't lock the job after rounding, then BCs would be added to it from the other jobs that are rounded.

  7. Those are good ideas, I think that if I were to implement those, I'd implement "optimize everything" so that way it won't be too much of a hassle, and the user can make minor modifications after clicking that.

    The only problem, if before optimization, one project produces 2 ships, another produces 1 ship, and last one produces in 2 turns, do you want the outcome to be 2 ships, 2 ships (due to moving PP to the next project), and 1 ship in two turns, or 2 ships, 1 ship, and 1 ship?

    When I release the game, I will listen to feedback and see if this is necessary to be added.