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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Colonization Mk 2

As per suggestion, I've made uncolonizable planets more visually discernable from those that are colonizable by your ship. How does this one look?


  1. So planet IV is already colonized (I am assuming that from the green number), and V and VI are available to be colonized. Is that correct?

    Would the number be red if colonized by an enemy?

  2. Green is your empire color. If your color was blue, it'd show blue IV instead. If an planet is already owned, it will show that planet's number in that empire's color, so you can know who owns what, instead of generic green for yours, generic red for others.

    Since a planet that is already owned is unavailable for colonization, it is greyed out. The V and VI planets are available for colonization because nobody owns them yet, and you have the appropriate colony pods for those types of planets. All others are either owned already or uncolonizable based on your colony pod on the selected ship.