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Friday, January 13, 2012


I've started on the colonization/ground invasion/population transfer system. Right now I'm focusing on colonization. I've added the data support for which planets a "Colonization module" can colonize. Now I'm working on the UI for selecting which ship to colonize which planet. It's possible to have two or more colony ships in the same system, and you can colonize all the planets in the system in a turn if you have enough ships. Also I'm working on detecting whether or not you can colonize planets, in order to prompt you at all.

If there's no hostile ships adjacent to a system, but you have ground troops, it will prompt you asking if you want to invade planets. This is to avoid unnecessary space combat where all you do is move the ships near a planet and invade it.

When the colonization, invasion, and population transfer works, I will record a video showing those and other features. At that time, the game will be ready for space combat, finally!

My artist just provided me with some new artwork, so I took some time to clean up some code and make some improvements here and there. One thing that's new is that each race now have its own fleet icon. So you can easily at a glance determine which race an fleet is. I've asked him to provide some artwork for ground combat. The video will wait until those comes, because I don't want to give bad impression to newcomers :D

Here's the screenshot showing two different empires with different races, therby different fleet icons. Note the new "Production Screen" button artwork, it now looks like blueprints.

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