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Thursday, January 26, 2012

New video

I've uploaded a new video. However, I'm disappointed in its picture quality, I was hoping for higher resolution options so you can see the text in game and the data files that I'm modifying in the video. But this video clearly shows ground combat, so if you want to see that, skip to 5:00.

I will see if I can upload a higher resolution one. In any case, this video demostrates the new features that I added over the past months.

Beyond Beyaan Alpha Footage 2


  1. Cute! Perfect game for a notebook.
    But don't give us all your secrets... or you'll spoil the fun. :-)

  2. Alright, I'll try and keep secrets in the future :) The purpose of this video is to demonstrate to Desura that this game is playable, and that I'm serious about completing it.

    Speaking of which, I haven't heard from any of pre-orderers about the game. I need their feedback on bugs and issues so I can polish it before submitting it to Desura.

  3. Like I told you in the past, I won't test an "Alpha" game.
    "Beta", OK.
    Same goes for "Sword of the Stars 2" (I own a copy).
    I'm going to retire soon; in April -23rd- in fact. Papers are signed.
    I'll have more time then.
    I'm sure that you understand.