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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Background music

An online friend of mine offered some of his music for my game. Since I'm deaf, I'm unable to review the music. If you could listen to some of his samples, and leave feedback on whether or not they're appropriate for my game, I would greatly appreciate it!

Listen to his music here.

In other news, I got new artwork for space combat UI, so I'm re-doing the layout. I also finished converting to the new ship class structure, so it's ready for ship dying/explosions. When I get the explosion artwork, I will wrap space combat up, and return to the general empire management. Things are looking good for the release target!


  1. Hi Brent, I've listen to most of the songs and I don't find the music inappropriate for your game. However I find it a bit stressing and quite repetitive. Hope this helps :-)

  2. Hi, i'm sorry i'm a little offtopic here

    It would be possible for you to reserve some space in your blog, or perhaps, a new blog for the LBX tool (MOO) you work on? I believe it would be easier to download and test the tool if I always know where to get the latest version, instead of looking post-to-post in the Unofficial Patch thread in realmsbeyond forum

    Thanks in advance, and thanks for your hard work.

  3. 1. Space Is A Harsh Mistress
    2. Galactic Military Advisors Meet
    3. Happy Space Exploration
    I like it. It could be a little more "background-y"
    4. The Blues of The Fringes Of Andromeda
    5. Scout Ship Far Away From Home
    6. Music for Meklars
    Maybe - could be used for a robotic race's theme song

    Haven't listened to the rest.