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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A secret...

This is a break from the regular posting, since I've just released a new version.

I have to admit something. I've never played Master of Orion 1 on Impossible difficulty. When I was a kid, I always played it on the easiest difficulty, as Psilons. I usually just hide in a corner, grab all the technologies, then steamroll everyone else. Evil laughter usually ensues afterwards.

However, I realized that to be a true master of Orion, I have to beat it on impossible. So today I started a new game, with 5 players on huge galaxy, on impossible, as Meklars. I thought I was doing good until I encountered the Klackons and Sakkras. I took a look at the map and took a big gulp. I'm the yellow flag, occupying a tiny spot in upper left corner :(

I'm facing the fact that I'm terrible at this game :( Looks like I'll have to look up tips and tricks on playing impossible. Any tips for my position? I got one rich planet, and one fertile/poor planet.


  1. Do you have any intel on your enemies? Unfortunately MoO 1 doesn't allow much room for maneuvering with rock-paper-scissor tricks. If their numbers are much bigger than yours, you lose.

    If they don't have long range beam weapons, you can try to outwit them with repulsor (enemies can't park their ship next to yours; propulsion tech). Playing guerrilla with small expendable missile ships can help sometimes. Fortifying planets with shields and missile bases can be of great help but if you can't expand, they will eventually out tech you and bomb back to stone age.

    If your situation is hopeless, restart the game with fever opponents, 1 or 2.

  2. Well, the tech levels would be important to understand your situation.

    If you are somewhat ahead, then create huge fleets with the smallest ship (good engine + 1/2 weapon) to attack their planets. Shoot/bombard all bases, but do not destroy. Invade the planet. Don't wait/consolidate, just max Eco and continue with another planet. Eradicate one enemy, don't fight in every direction if you don't have to. Try to bribe the other empire if you can.

    If you are technically behind, try invade undefended planets, if you can. Advanced Scanner and Combat Transporter can help a lot. If you are so much worse in combat tech, that it cannot be done, then spy a little. Raise the spying level against an advanced empire, but let the hide. After a while, when you have enough spies, switch to espionage. Repeat that with another empire.

    If they are attacking you with huge fleets, create a fleet from ships equipped with Black Hole Generator if you can.

    BTW: playing impossible with huge galaxy is not that hard - if you want real challenge, play impossible in small galaxy with maximum enemies. Meklars is not a bad choice if you want the toughest game, though Alkari may be even better for that.

  3. Could you put out your savegame?
    It would be interesting to try to win from here.
    BTW, which version of the game do you play with?

  4. I'm playing the version. I'm technologically behind, at war with sakkras (they haven't attacked me yet), and NAP with klackons. Sakkras and klackons are allied.

    Thanks for both of your tips!

    Here's the save file at the spot shown in the screenshot:

  5. Uff, nasty situation. Few quick tips, get some waste reduction tech ASAP, improved eco restoration would be a good start and focus your research. Invest heavily in weapons, specifically, try to improve your missiles. If you manage to get good missile + shield combo such as class V planetary shields and scatter pack missiles, you can give hard time to your enemies when defending. Occasionally improve other areas of research and be very specific about what you are researching.
    - Improve computers for ship computer and robotic control
    - Construction for armor, more ships space and cheaper factories
    - Shields mainly for planetary shields
    - Planetology for terraforming and other goodies
    - Propolsion for FTL and special weapons

    Try to make big leaps. If you have imp. terraforming +30, skip imp. terraforming +40 and +50 if you can. If there is nothing of interest in certain area (when selecting research item), pick highest or second highest tech so you can have more options next time.

    Sakkra's tech is not that great. They have vastly superior production technologies but their military techs are on your level. TBSS's advice with small ship guerrilla is plausible in this case despite lacking "good engine" ingredient.

  6. Impossible level games are much easier with the Darloks because you can espionage your way out of just about any situation.

    It's a bit of a cheat, but if you use 2-3 medium-size defensive ship designs, each with 2-3 missiles with different ranges, you can repel just about any attack the 50-turn stalemate.

  7. Try maps till you get one with decent stars around you. On a small map its hard if you start with crappy planets on impossible. Then try to survive until you research subspace teleporter and a decent bomb. Then build lots of small ship with these two tech. You can just teleport next to the plantet, destroy it with one shot and teleport out ignoring the defending fleet and the bases. You can wipe out an enemy with a huge fleet by never engagin in ship to ship combat.