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Monday, March 5, 2012

Tutorial mostly done

With the collision working, the next item in my agenda was the tutorial window. I decided to do a basic tutorial window overlay that will be drawn on top of everything else, because it's simplier to program, instead of having it be linked to events in the game (which would require a lot more work).

Eventually, after release, I may improve the tutorial's functionality, but for now, it provides the basic functions required for teaching the game.

One thing that I noticed is that when I followed the tutorial steps that I made, I encountered some crashes. I guess it's time for me to really play the game, instead of just focusing on adding features, and make it stable :) I've fixed some crashes already, but some will require a lot more than simple fixes, so I plan on fixing those before I move on to the next item in my list. I don't want people to follow the tutorial, then crash when he does what the tutorial asked!

The tutorial window itself is almost done, but I found a bug with multi-line text display, part of it gets cut off on the right edge. I'll have to look into that, as well as adding "Move Window" functionality as described in the first page.

Here's the screenshot of the tutorial window:


  1. you might want to substantially increase the opacity of the background of the tutorial window. Text over text is a great way to strain the eyes and confuse the brain.

  2. I agree. I'll change the background to use the full opacity artwork (it's either semi-transparent or full opaque artwork, not controlled by the game).

  3. Tutorial already? Interesting surprise :)