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Saturday, May 12, 2012

0.5.3 Now Live!

I've uploaded 0.5.3 to Desura, and verified that it added the missing files to the demo installer. So the demo should now work!

In it, I've made the following changes: Equipment window now no longer closes when adding an equipment, this is to reduce tediousness as suggested by SpaceSector's author, Adam Solo. Icon framework - While it's not all implemented yet (design window is now not showing the stats correctly for example), the hard part is now finally done. I can now just add new icons and it'll take care of stuff itself. InfoTip display - Right now only weapons in space combat have this implemented, this shows a list of stats for an item you're hovering above. In the future, I want to expand this to the fleet window so it displays the ship's information when you hover over it. Some small bugs and issues that I can't remember.

While it don't really add anything new visually, it was a lot of work and was not easy to stay motivated throughout it. I hope in the future things will pick up with the tedious stuff done now.

Here's my plans for 0.5.4 (it will be 0.6 when the space combat is fully done including conflict detection, ship placement for combat, and movement in combat):

Flesh out the design window so it uses the new icon system Fix the production screen so that it works with the new cost system (cost are now data driven, not hard-coded, and you can customize different costs, for example you could have several different minerals and the ship may require those) Add InfoTips for fleet viewing Add fleet management window where you can scrap your ships Any bugs that I encounter will be fixed, so if you find any, please let me know!

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