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Monday, May 7, 2012

Icon Progress!

I'm almost finished with the new icon system. I've also cleaned up some script logic so that it's more clean and simple. I mentioned that I added an "InfoTip" that is similar to a tooltip, but can list icons and their data. How it works is that icons are loaded from icons.xml. Then in "Laser Beam" in technologies.xml, it lists the icons that it will use for its information display. When the game loads the technology, it grabs the list of values as defined in the icons.xml from the equipment's list of values as defined in technologies.xml and its respective script, then displays it. What this means is that you can customize the amount of icons, which icons to use, how they look, etc for in-game modding purposes. I plan on replacing the planet's specials with this new system later.

One downside of this overhaul is that I've broken the galaxy travel and weapons firing. You can fire weapons, but it don't spawn particles. And it crashes if you try to move in the galaxy. As soon as I get those issues resolved, I will release 0.5.3 (both full and demo versions will be updated), yay!

Here's a screenshot of the "InfoTip", I'm hovering over "Light Plasma Cannon" and it's displaying its stats:
From top to bottom: Damage, Accuracy (should be 85%, not 0.85, I'll fix this as well), Time required, and power required.

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