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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Apologies about the wait for 0.5.3

0.5.3 is turning out to be a bigger update than I expected it to be. The goal was to add icons where you can customize how information is displayed for your ships. Well, in order to do it correctly, I have to remove the hard-coded parts that handles space, cost, galaxy speed, etc, and have a different system handle them. So this is a major overhaul of the ship's mechanics. However, the good news is that I've added a new "InfoTip" that when you hover above a ship, it can display that ship's list of stats in a pop-up window, similar to tooltips. So when I'm done overhauling the ship mechanics, adding information display for ships will be a snap. It also works for equipments, you can see how much time/power it requires by hovering above an equipment. Another part of this overhaul is the future addition of "StartTurn" and "EndTurn" that are called once per turn. StartTurn allows you to handle regeneration, such as shield or power generation. EndTurn allows you to handle whatever you need at end of turn (I don't think it will be used in normal game, but some people might want it). I also plan on adding "CanUseEquipment" check in Ship script that takes in an equipment's values, and returns whether or not it can be activated. For example, if your ship have 20 power remaining, and a equipment requires 25 to activate, it will return false, causing the button to be greyed out in-game. So you can create your own validation method for modding purposes. Such as, if a weapon fired once that turn, it cannot fire again (similar to MoO 1/2), or if there's a delay (fires every other turn) for torpedoes. Or if ammo runs out, and so forth... I hope to have this done soon, for my sanity's sake...

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