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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Demo Download

I haven't been able to fix the demo download on desura yet (I need to modify all files in some way to trigger "changed file" on Desura). So I uploaded to a separate file hosting service for those who want to try it out while I work on this issue.

The download is here:

To run it, be sure to have June 2010 SlimDX RunTime installed. It can be downloaded here:


  1. Thanks for the demo download link, I found your game on Desura. At least installing the demo through Desura also installed SlimDX, so that saves me some trouble. :p

    I can't quite figure out how to play the game though. There's no tutorial (that I've found, anyway) and I can't quite figure out the fleet interface. I've googled for a guide, and checked YouTube, but found nothing helpful. Is there a manual or tutorial planned?

  2. Oh snap, I checked the config file, and it has "ShowTutorial" set to false :/ I turned it off for myself, didn't mean to publish that.

    To fix this, go to Beyond Beyaan Demo/Data/Default/ then open the "config.xml" file in a text editor.

    Replace this part: showTutorial="False"

    with this one: showTutorial="True"

    It should now show the tutorial. My apologies about that. Soon I'll upload a new version for the demo on Desura, hopefully by then all problems will be resolved.

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  4. Right, that did it! Thanks a lot! :)

    And yeah, good luck sorting out that stuff with Desura's demo system. I hope they'll fix it on their end, but...well, ya gotta do what ya gotta do.