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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Meet the Salix Cybornia!

It's been a long time since I added a new race to the game. Part of that is because it's expensive, and part of that is because I've been focused on adding user interface artwork (icons, buttons, etc). But now I'm proud to present a new race for Beyond Beyaan! They're the race of Salix Cybornia, or tree cyborgs! A long long time ago, they were tasked with protecting the environment, especially forests. After disposing of a bad wizard that was polluting their lands, and finding the females, they proceeded to flourish. Eventually they decided that the best way to maintain the environment was to get rid of all parasites, which includes small people with furry feet, and fought a war. Eventually they won, with the aid of a time machine. Now they've turned their eyes (or the equivalent thereof) to the stars. They will make each planet a paradise, or die trying!
In the game, they have an environment/pollution cleanup bonus, as well as reduced food consumption since they draw their nourishment directly from the soils of a planet. They like races that terraforms planets to better environment, and will immediately declare war on anyone who dared to allow a planet to degrade. Trade and cunning words do not impress them, only terraforming will. A good way to make them declare war on your enemy is to have your spy destroy that planet's environment, framing that race. The artwork for this race isn't yet complete, but will be soon! 0.5.3 will include this race, as well as the icons/improved display. I'm still working on those, hope things will wrap up soon! 0.5.3 is turning out to be a big patch!


  1. This is both hilarious and genius at the same time :-)

  2. PS I wanted to try the demo, so I installed it. On start the demo asks for a font 'computer8.ttf' which it cannot find and then provides an code error 'unable to set an instance of an object'. Then I see an empty grey window.

    Any idea what's going on.

  3. The sad state is that the demo install on Desura is missing most of the required files :( I'm working with Desura on fixing this. Currently we think to fix this, I'll have to modify each file in a way, so that when I upload the demo, it'll see that there are files changed, and add those files.

    Right now, it thinks that the missing files already exists, and if I upload the demo, it checks those files and sees that they're the same, preventing them from being added. So I'll have to edit each file to get around this...

    I'm planning on working on that tonight, pray that I'll be able to fix it!

    The irony is that the full version is working fine...

  4. Ahh oke, I thought perhaps it were issues with the SlimDX runtime. No worries then, I knew there were issues with the demo, you blogged about it, I just wanted to double check by asking.