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Monday, April 16, 2012

0.5.2 now live, and demo

I've uploaded 0.5.2 to Desura, and it is now live. What it contains:

Added ability to clear fleet movement orders. You can now cancel movements, and it will merge the ships with the idling ships automatically.

Fixed internationalization issues with loading data files (in some cultures, it expects "," instead of "." for decimals such as 0.5, causing the loading to fail) - This one was very educational for me.

Started adding logging to loading of data files, this will help for debugging purposes and for modding. You can see exactly where it's failing with the logs.

Fixed the 2D engine issue with loading graphics from files that have the same name. In this instance, having different races but with the same files inside each folder causes the engine to use the first graphics (Humans) for all three. This was fixed earlier, but when I upgraded the engine to use SlimDX June 2010, this fix was lost. So I fixed it again

Added "Effect" script support, like ship dying. Space combat is still incomplete, but we're getting there. I will focus on other stuff in the game before I come back to space combat.


I also added a "Demo" version that closes the game after 30 turns. It have everything that the normal game have, except for saving/loading, and it's limited to 30 turns. The thing is, Desura is having issues with the installer again :( The full version is working correctly, but the demo is not. To run the demo for now, install the demo version, then download the stand-alone zip file and run that instead. When this is fixed, I plan on adding an announcement about the new patch and demo on the desura page.

Edit: I just realized that it didn't show the zip file for demo download, so here it is.

So if you're on the fence, and would like to try the game before making your decision, here's your opportunity!

This is what it looks like at end of demo trial:


  1. "Download Link Expired" :(

    You could upload it on or something.

  2. Ah, it looks like it's their security feature, so if someone leaked a direct download of a full release, the leak will be limited. So I can't just post a direct download...

    I tried uploading the demo again, but it still had missing files. Desura and I are working on it, hopefully we'll get this resolved soon!

    Here's the new link, grab it while it's still good!