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Sunday, April 8, 2012

New version and video

As some of you may have experienced, the installer for Desura don't quite work out of the box. It installs SlimDX June 2010, but the game is an older version which uses SlimDX March 2009, therby throwing an error on launch.

I submitted a new version, but it got rejected due to a SlimDX error. I talked with them about this, and found that they had SlimDX 2012 installed. The problem with SlimDX is that it's not backwards compatible. They didn't realize this, so hopefully they'll approve the new version soon! This new version should work out of the box. It also contains some improved support for Equipment Scripts, but not the new UI artwork as shown in the video below.

I've also been working on adding Effects and Ship Scripting. Ship Scripting is now done, and I'm halfway through Effects. Hopefully this week I'll have the effects done!

Here is a new video showing the new ship script. This shows the ship stopping a beam, and spawning explosion particles at point of impact: Battle Video 2

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