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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Big News!

Hey you all, remember the big news I mentioned in my last post? Well here it is!

As some of you may remember, I've been working on my shower. When we first bought our house, our master bathroom's shower handle was broken. To fix it, we had to rip out the fake plastic insert thingy, and we're now replacing it with a nice tiled one. It's almost ready for final tiling!

What? What did you say? You're not interested in my shower, and it's not qualified as big news? What's up with the new stuff on top of this blog?

Alright, here's the real news:

My game has been approved for alpha funding on Desura. Yes, you heard me right! It is now available for purchase through Desura! The price is still $10, but I'm giving a 30% alpha discount til the final release of the game.

I have to warn you, I've struggled with uploading the files onto Desura. Desura offered two SlimDX options for its normal game installer, and my game wasn't compatible with either. So I had to upgrade the 2D engine (good thing it's open source) to use the June 2010. However, my attempts to update the version on Desura has failed today. I hope that this problem will be resolved soon. So for now, if you buy the game, you can either install the game normally, then uninstall SlimDX June 2010, then install March 2009. Or you can download the stand alone and make sure that SlimDX June 2010 is installed.

I hope to have this glitch fixed shortly! No more shady donation with uncertain emails. You can now download updates automatically!

For those who've pre-ordered the game, please provide me with your desura account name using your paypal so I can validate your email, and I will give you access to the Desura version. If you have problems with Desura, you can use the stand alone which can be downloaded through the desura website that don't require Desura installation.

This is why I've not done much programming lately. I hope that things will pick up again soon, after I've resolved the version updating on Desura.


  1. hi,
    the standalone download via desura doesn't work I'm afraid.

  2. Letting you guys know, the standalone file mysteriously disappeared. I will look into this later tonight after I get back from home. I will also try again to patch the installer version to the fixed one. Please be patient, this is my first release :)

  3. Walloping, yes that is enough. But please don't post your personal information here in public, for spammers/hackers to harvest your email address. I've removed your comment for your protection.

    For others, please email me, not post here, your Desura account name. I have a list of emails from pre-orderers, and I will just validate your address against the list.


  4. No problem.

    As for the version/standalone, I've uploaded new files for them. The standalone still is mysteriously missing if you try to download it through desura client, but it's there if you download it from the website.

    The installer is missing files after I've uploaded it, I've contacted Desura about this. Hopefully both issues will be resolved soon!

    The best thing to do now is to install the game (it will install the pre-requisites), then after it gives an error, close it, then download the standalone from the website, and run that instead. I wish it'd work right off the bat, but bear with me as I work this out...