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Friday, May 25, 2012

0.5.4 Status and squadrons

I tried to upload 0.5.4 which contains the following changes:

Added five new planet backgrounds for ground combat: Desert, Ocean, Barren, Dead, and Jungle
Added icons for displaying information in ship design and equipment selection
Added special icons that players can interact with in-game (numeric up/down to specify an amount right now, in future sliders and drop-downs will be added)
Fixed projects screen so that it works with the new ship system

However, the missing files issue struck again!  It affected both full and demo versions on Desura, so I've sent an email to them asking them to resolve this once and for all!  I'm getting a bit tired of modifying every missing file so that it'll show up because it was different from the previous version...

I've uploaded new zip files, which will go live tomorrow morning.  If you download the standalone, you'll be able to try the new version.

Now on topic of star-to-star and squadrons:  I've started cleaning up the nebula/grid-based movement, and realized that there will be quite a bit of work involved.  But to start this off, I've removed the nebula, removed the varying sizes of stars, and a bunch of under-the-hood cleaning.  When I ran the game, I saw that the galaxy looks a lot better with small stars and no nebula background (there will be nebula, but they're objects in the galaxy, not the background)

Here's a screenshot of it (note that it's fully zoomed in, all stars are now their actual sizes from the graphic file):

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