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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Changing from Grid to Free Point system

In early versions of Beyond Beyaan, I went with a grid-based map where everything is in tiles.  However, in end I decided to not do it, and changed over to free points.  But now when I reverted to the old version, the grid stuff is back :(

I'm now in process of changing the game to work with free points.  I'm done with star generation and drawing, but it broke the fleets and anything related to ships.  Camera is still a bit wonky.  Hopefully I'll get it all sorted out, then I can start adding back new stuff!

Here's a screenshot of the stars on a free-point system at closest zoom using the new animated star artwork:

In other news, the Pyrrhans artwork is nearing completion, will post an update when it's done.


  1. Looks so clean.

    Can you salvage "new" code (one before rollback)?

  2. Yeah, I'm copying over things that I can use. For example, I copied over the SpriteManager with its animation and other goodies over, as well as the camera controls.