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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Reverted to a pre-SVN version!

I tried reverting to the revision when I first committed my source code, but the build failed!  I realized that I didn't include assets until revision 4, but even then, the data didn't match the code!  Yes, I know I said I'd strip out data, but I'd like to do it step-wise.  Grounding my teeth in frustration, I cast around looking for the right data from my old backups from before when I started using SVN.  I found an oldie that contained the source code as well, it's waaaaaay back when I still used grid based movement, and when I just finished adding sliders and stuff for planet management.

So I decided to scrap my whole revision, and just copy that old version over to start off as a base.  Behold, the mash-up programmer art and the new artwork!  This is a screenshot that I just grabbed now!

I've committed this version to SVN (if you still want the moddable one that I worked on, go to the branches and download it from there).  So go ahead and check it out.  In fact, since I'm now blatantly ripping MoO 1 off, I'll keep the artist's original star system selection (shown above) since it matches the old one instead of the spinning selection!

That step done, the next thing on agenda is adding back my glorious mouse cursor!

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  1. Addendum: Playing around inside that version, I also found a diplomacy screen, combat screen, research screen, planet list screen, ship design screen, and some other goodies. This is an excellent place to start off from!