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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Fleets Updated

I've overhauled the fleet's movement system so that it uses the new free-moving system.  Fleets adjacent to a star system will sit on either side, depending on if it's departing or just chilling, similar to MoO 1.

I also updated the races to use the new SpriteManager instead of DrawingManagement (SpriteManager is faster and more efficient).  So each race now have their own fleet icon.

While this may seem like a short blog post, in actuality it was a lot of work.  Just look at the SVN history to see how much code I changed to achieve this.  There's still things I need to do to finish this, but it's now about 80% done!

Screenshot of a fleeet adjacent to the home system (Space Hamsters' fleet icon):

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