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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Good news and bad news

First, let's start with the good news! I've implemented finances, and turn counter, into the game. On bottom left you will see your reserves amount, plus your income (or deficit). Bottom right you'll see the turn counter. If your income is low enough for you to go into negative reserves, you won't be able to end your turn until you've balanced your budgets. Here's a screenshot:

Now for the bad news. At work, they've asked me to set some personal goals for myself. I decided on learning OpenGL. This was a few months ago, and I haven't started on that goal yet due to this game. But while browsing the Realms Beyond forums, I saw that some people are working on a re-write of Master of Magic. That re-write, named reMoM, uses OpenGL in my favorite language, C#. So it got me thinking, what if I do a re-write of Master of Orion, it'll help me accomplish my goal, and still work on something that I'd enjoy.

So this is my plans:
Put Beyond Beyaan on hold until I've accomplished my goal.
Develop a framework for reMoO that loads in LBX files, initializes OpenGL, and handles input.
Put reMoO on hold, develop a very very simple 3D shooter similar to Wolfstein3D, just enough to learn the 3D aspects.

At this point, my goal is now accomplished, so I will then go back to developing both Beyond Beyaan and reMoO. This will let me work on one project if I'm frustrated with one problem in another. I hope to finish my goal within a month.


  1. well, i like all these old pixelated 4x games :)
    but i'm a little sad. i am still following Beyond Beyaan because i love the idea of merging MoO and SEs


  2. Yeah, I'd rather finish Beyond Beyaan first, but I need to do this goal for my work. Next time they ask me for a goal, I'll pick something easier :)

  3. You have a nice job! :) Having to learn OpenGL that is. In C/C++ OpenGL is a little bit clumsy, everything is global, so many constants and other C-ish annoyances. On the other hand, in C# with OpenTK library, it's really nice thing to work with.

    Is it reMoM or reMoO you are going to work on?

  4. I'm going to work on reMoO. I never really played MoM, so I have no interest in that game.