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Monday, October 10, 2011

Phase One completed

I've started the reMoO project using OpenTK (a OpenGL wrapper for C#), and it handles input and file loading. Right now, it shows the intro video, and if you click, or wait til it's done, puts you into the beginning of the main menu (just a ship with whirling background). No sounds though, because I'm deaf :)

This is sufficient for me to start on the next step, creating a simple 3D shooter. Once that's done, I will be back working on Beyond Beyaan and reMoO.

This is a screenshot showing the comparison between my reMoO (bottom left) and DOSBox (top right):


  1. Sweet!

    It's rare to see properly uploaded source code. Got it running in less then 5 minutes (2 syntax errors and searching for MoO).

  2. It's unusually silent here.

    There was a rumor of terrible curse that erased from existence so many talented people. It all started about 5 years ago, about the time when the FreeOrion project was started. Every team, be it "one man team" or a regular team that has decided to remake either Master of Orion, vanished on 169th day of development leaving only a couple do GUI elements implemented.

    OK, I was a bit poetic with 169 days but still, I fear for Brent because he touched the forbidden tomb and wasn't heard since than.

  3. Haha, that may be true for most of other remakes, but the thing is, they're all remakes of MoO 2. I don't think I've ever seen a MoO 1 remake in progress. So I believe that curse falls on only MoO 2 remakes :)

    I started on Beyond Beyaan on Dec 2009, so I've exceeded the "169" days threshold :) The game's core functionality is mostly done (the only remaining things are technology scripts and diplomacy rework), so all the things left are the UI, the AI, and saving/loading, as well as space combat. It's far more than "a couple of GUI elements" that's been implemented :)

    And I'm still working on it, just putting it on hold while I finish my work goals. I'm about to post my progress on that :)

  4. No no no, Beyond Beyaan is reimagination of Master of Orion, not remake so it's not suspectable to the curse. reMoO on the other hand is.

    I think there actually was an attempt to remake MoO 1. I don't remember any details.