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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Still working!

To show that I'm still working on Beyond Beyaan, here's a screenshot of the new movement indicator that I just finished:

The boxes that were used to show the fleet movement were really ugly and bothered me. So I decided to finally replace that part with the same mechanism that I will use for beams in space combat. And it's looking a lot better! I may adjust the colors later. The dark green is the current fleet's path, while the light green is the path that you're selecting for that fleet. The screenshot don't show that the path indicator is streaming towards the destination however. It's looking a lot better than the old box like this:


  1. intriguing.

    -Walloping (Thumbs up for more BB)

  2. Yeah, it´s better...

  3. Looks much better. Gotta ask though. When are we expecting to see an alpha of this game? ^^


  4. I release the latest major builds to people who've pre-ordered the game. If a person donates $10 or higher, he gets access.

    This is to help pay for the artwork for the game, as well as other future assets such as sounds.

    After the game is done, I plan on creating a demo version. When will that be ready? I don't know.

  5. So the pre ordering arrangement is just to donate $10 using the button top left?

    If so, might donate in a bit of time when things look more solid.

    -Warped Realities

  6. Hang on in there Brent! :)

  7. Yes, pre-ordering is done by donating $10 using the top left button.