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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Progress on Phase Two

In my previous post, I've managed to set up a 2D rendering using OpenGL, and started on a rewrite of MoO 1's program using MoO 1's existing assets. With the 2D all set up, that project is now on hold while I complete the phase two of my goal of learning OpenGL.

I do have some good news, I've managed to set up a 3D rendering, and simple blocks/ceiling/floor similar to Wolfstein 3D. This is what it looks like currently:

There's no texturing yet. I plan to implement a simple maze generation algorithm, so each level will be randomly generated. Then I will add some simple 2D billboard monsters that you need to fight, as well as shooting projectiles and killing them. I did say that it will be very very simple FPS game :) When that's done, I will return to Beyond Beyaan. I'm glad that the delay isn't as long as I'd feared it'd be.

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  1. YAAaaayyy !! Can't wait for more Development for Beyond Beyaan