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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Equipment Selection Done

I've finished implementing all the required code for displaying and selecting items in the equipment selection. The "OK" button is disabled unless a valid combination is selected (you must select a main and a secondary item, modifiers are optional).

However, the stats and info isn't displayed yet, just the names. When the screen is fully done, with power, cost, and space usage shown, I will post a new screenshot.

Also, I realized that "Biology" field is a bit too restrictive, since there's not much biological options aside from agriculture and some minor pollution and misc technologies. So I've changed this field to "Construction", which covers different areas that requires engineering such as colony bases, mounts, transport pods, etc.


  1. What about terraforming and cloning (pop growth boost)? Those could fill a few slots in biology tree.

  2. The problem is that there's 38 different technology types, and my goal is to have at least 5-15 different technologies for each type (with about 20 minimum for "infrastructure" that includes stargates, terraforming, etc), which means about 200 minimum technologies. The average would be 32 technologies per field (if we're going off minimum). Terraforming would be maybe 10 slots, cloning would be 2 or 3 slots, agriculture would be maybe 2 to 4 slots, for a total of 17 or 18 technologies, if we're going for minimum. If we have 15 per type, then it'd be 570 technologies, but biology would only have 30 technologies, and the other fields would have over 100 technologies each.

    That's why I decided to change the name to "Construction". Terraforming falls under this, as well as planet building, mounts, improved production output, etc, allowing me to put other technology types in other fields that would make more sense.