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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Fleet window UI done

The artist provided me with the artwork for stargates and UI buttons. I've implemented most of the functionality for those items, but rest will have to wait until I finish the technology system (transport pods and such).

Here's a screenshot:

I'm now working on the planet management screen. Maybe I'll have it done in a few days? We'll see. Then after that, the fleet management screen, then the production screen, and maybe ship design. Then the next version will be ready for the pre-orderers.

1 comment:

  1. Doh, I didn't explain what the buttons do! The middle one with the circle around a planet is the "Orbit Button". You select ships from your fleet, and click on this button. It will bring up the planet list window that allows you to pick a planet for your ships to orbit (don't really affect anything, this is for ships with production output, basically telling them which planet to devour)

    The second button with the red X is "Clear Movement", if you have movement command for a fleet, but want to clear it, you click this button. It will clear the order, and merge it with the idling fleet if there is one.