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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Planets Screen 95% done!

The planets screen is now ALMOST done! Just need to have the "Apply" button actually do something :) But that won't take too long, however I'm too tired to continue tonight.

The first screenshot shows a list of all of your owned planets. In this case, there's only one. You can filter out different planets, then modify the sliders, and hit the apply button to actually apply the changes. Notice that two are at 100%, and the third is at 50%, resulting in the first two 40% and the third one 20%? I've explained how it works in a previous post, but wanted to show it in action.

The second screenshot shows a spiral galaxy, and the planets filtering in action. The bonus icons are shown next to the population info in the planets list. Note that the output sliders and the Apply button are disabled, since you don't own all the planets in the list.

When I finish the "Apply" button, I'm going to work on improving the technology system. The reason for this is that I realized that if I do fleet management window, ship design, or production screen, the ships need to display their information in all of those. So I need to finish the technology system first before I can work on those three screens.

One thing that I'm planning on is the ability to set starting ships for each race. This will be a XML file stored along with other race data in the race folder. You can specify the hull size, components, etc, of the race's starting ships. This will be included in the next version release, as well as the three screens I mentioned above. The reason for this is obvious. We don't want space-based races to start with two scouts and a colony ship :)


  1. I really like the way it turned out, so-far. :)


  2. I'm curious about the source of your star names. Did you just make up a bunch of science-fictiony sounding names, or is there a more specific source?

  3. It's a random name generator I found somewhere on internet. I plan on improving it. Right now, it just combines a bunch of constants and vowels to create semi-legit-sounding names :)

  4. I was wondering too. But I just presumed that Brent had some weird Arabic dictionary :)