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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Preview of Equipment Selection

I think I may be coming down with something, this past week I've been suffering from lack of energy, and gets tired easily. Hopefully I'll get over it soon!

This is what I've managed to get done despite that:

The buttons on top uses icon to represent the equipment type (some of the icons are incorrect, or don't have artwork for). From left to right:
Beam, Projectile, Shockwave, Missile, Torpedo, Bomb, Shield, Armor, Computer, System Engine, Stellar Drive, Reactor, and Special. The last four buttons have incorrect icons, since I don't have the artwork yet. Those will be replaced as soon as possible.

There are three lists, top one is the type of item, the middle is mount type, and bottom is modifiers. The gap between the bottom and the confirm/cancel buttons will be used to show space/cost/power usage.

If you have suggestions or ideas for a better layout, please let me know! I'm off to bed!


  1. You know. I should have asked sooner but what are the differences between missiles, torpedoes and bombs?

    Might help me write tech contributions six if i knew(Then again I've already buried you in ideas with the other five and i have no idea what percentage of those were useable).

  2. I saw the latest video. It looks like a very promising game. Continue your good work. I gave $20 some months ago, I'll send the same amount soon.
    Not rich here, but happy about the work done.

  3. Claude - Glad that you are happy with the progress! Did you get my email with an alpha version of my game, and tried it out? Or are you waiting for the final product?

    Yeah, I'm not rich as well, otherwise I wouldn't be asking for support :) But every bit helps! Thanks again for your support!

    Warped - Missiles are more powerful in general, but have finite ammo. Torpedoes are less powerful in comparision, but have infinite ammo. Both behave similar, with pathfinding on combat screen, unlike the other weapons.

    As for bombs, I'm not sure, originally I planned on having planets be present in combat screen, but with ability to have a lot of planets (10 or more) in a system, that won't work well or be balanced. The original plan was that only bombs can be used against planets in post-combat where it prompts you, similar to MoO 1/3. But that don't really make sense since missiles could be as devastating as bombs.

    Maybe bombs would be the most powerful weapon type in general, but don't have pathfinding, and move somewhat slower than missiles? It'd have a huge blast radius compared to missiles/torpedoes. It will also have finite ammo, like missiles.

    What are your thoughts on that idea? Speaking of finite ammo, projectiles have finite ammo as well. Shockwaves, beam, and torpedoes have infinite ammo, while the other three don't.

  4. Well. It wouldn't exactly make sense for a turbolaser or plasma cannon to require ammunition to fire. Even though it fires a visible projectile bolt it runs on pure energy.

    At the same time I can picture colossal atomic cannons that vaporize railway car sized slugs of uranium to generate beams of radiation capable of melting the enemy crew into green goop. Which would be a type of beam weapon that definitely does require ammunition.

    So really. Considering that I'm almost certainly the tamer sort of mad hatter likely to buy and or mod your game do you really want such arbitrary limitations?

  5. Turbolasers and plasma cannon would fall under "Beam" category. As I've mentioned earlier, you can script how they look/perform. Beams will use a "beam sprite" designed for straight lines, but you could make it look like a short bolt traveling, similar to a projectile.

    Projectiles are those that requires physical ammo, such as railguns or your idea as mentioned. They can be scripted so they look like beams instead, but consumes physical material.

    The difference is how they're handled internally. The game will expect that projectiles requires ammo, while ignoring this requirement for beams.

  6. I tried your game, but I'm waiting to be able to play, at least with a Beta version.
    I'm a very busy person. Work, gym (workout), family, etc. I don't have a lot of time to play computer games... but in 2 years, things will change (I'm going to retire, 55 years old then).
    About your question: I trust your judgement. It is your game.
    Many people would enjoy I'm sure a game similar to MoO...
    Later, if something needs more improvement, your "customers" will do suggestions.