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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Tech Screen Done, and Help Needed

I've finished implementing the user input for tech screen. You can modify the sliders or select a technology to view its description (there are no descriptions yet).

I also tweaked the technologies.xml to support the new features better. One funny thing happened, while I was testing the new xml file, I saw that there were some missing technologies from my list of researched technologies. So I went into my code and checked the loading function, then smacked my forehead. It's working correctly! I forgot that it now randomizes whether or not a technology is added to the list! So I added "isRequired="True"" to the basic technologies, and now they always show up :)

While trying to think of new technology items for my game, I realized that I may have bitten off more than I can chew. There are 35 different technology types. My goal is to have between 5 to 15 items for each type (depending on type, may be more). That means 175 technology items at minimum if 5 per type :) I'm not particularly creative when it comes to thinking of technology stuff, so this is where I need your help/creativity! If you have some technology ideas, please go over to here and post a new "issue" with name of the technology item, and explain what it does and what special features it have in the description.

Remember that each item can have a script associated with it to give it unique characteristics. For example, if I add "Tesla Cannon" which is a beam weapon, I could create a script so that it creates a zig-zagging beam which are not just visuals, but actual beam path so it could miss a ship that you've fired directly at becuase it zig zagged off the path! So feel free to come up with really creative weapons and items!

The technology types are as follows (I'll add notes where necessary to explain types):

Armor - Type of material
Armor Plating - Thickness of armor
Armor Modifications

Shield - Type of shield
Shield Generator - Modifies shield's total points and recharge rate
Shield Modifications

Beam Mount
Beam Modifications

Projectile Mount
Projectile Modifications

Missile Warhead - The explosive part of a missile
Missile Body - The body of a missile, includes armor and engine
Missile Modifications

Torpedo - Self contained torpedo body
Torpedo Launcher - Modifies the size of torpedo
Torpedo Modifications

Bomb - Explosive
Bomb Body - Armor/size
Bomb Modifications

Shockwave - Weapon that fires an wave in either a circle or an arc
Shockwave Emitter
Shockwave Modifications

System Engine - Used in space combat
System Engine Exhaust - Size of engine, the bigger, the faster
System Engine Modifications

Stellar Engine - Used in galaxy travel
Stellar Engine Drive - Size of engine, the bigger, the faster
Stellar Engine Modifications

Computer - Type of computer
Computer Mainframe - Size of computer
Computer Modifications

Special (includes transport pods, colony pods, and any other special equipment)

Infrastructure (includes radar, stargates, construction platforms, etc)

I'm going to work on ship design screen next, then ship production screen, then finally the fleet management screen. At that point, I will release the next version to those who've pre-ordered the game.


  1. Loving the suggestions! Some are really creative, and can be implemented in my game!

    Keep them coming!

  2. Proposition. Make one issue per tech type and let people post ideas as comments. And please don't tag is Type-Defect :)