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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Finished fleet window for now

I ran into an unique situation with the fleet window. For the scrollbar, I usually pass in "itemsVisible", or how many items are visible. What I forgot was that if I show two rows of items, I needed to handle it a bit differently than normal. So that's resolved. I also improved the button handling and fixed some bugs. I added the missing UI handling (scrollbars and stuff) so now all the UI elements except the special buttons are working correctly, and drawing correctly!

I'm waiting for the artist to provide me with artwork for the other two special buttons, then I will finish up this screen. The ship info popup won't be available until I finish the technology stuff.

Anyway, here's the final fleet window (sans the "Orbit Planet" and "Clear Movement" buttons)

Next up is finishing up the planets management from galaxy screen. Planets need to degrade with pollution, as well as adding empire-wide production code handling, then the galaxy screen is done. I will then work on the planets screen where you can manage more than one planet at once.


  1. Just want to let you know that i read all of your posts :)


  2. Looking good. What's your eta for the final release? Seems you have been making progress.

  3. I honestly have no idea when I'll be finished with this. However, Spencer, the friend who helped me a bit in the past, said after he graduates from school this spring he will help me finish the game. So if I'm not finished by then, things will speed up a lot with him helping out. But this is subject to him changing his mind :)