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Friday, November 4, 2011

Progress on Fleet/UI

I changed how the game handles fleets. Instead of having Ship + amount, it now stores each ship individually. To have the game work, I had to rip out the screen for managing fleets, and start on a new UI window for it in galaxy screen. After debating how to do it, I settled on something similar to how MoO 2 did it. This is what I have so far, subject to a LOT of tweaking:

Also notice the varying shades of the background stars? And the transparent window for the fleet UI? And the new selection art? Galaxy Screen is nearing its final layout, then I can focus on other screens!


  1. Hooray for individual ship hitpoints and having to return to our forward base for repairs after the enemy blunt our offensive?

  2. I personally think it would work better to have the star systems much smaller.

    I'm not blind, and I enjoy having more information on the screen rather than less. I liked that scrolling was not an issue in MoO2.

    I suggest sizing the colonizable star systems down to about half their current dimensions. I like the background stars how they are, but if the other stars are shrunk enough, the background stars might need to shrink a little also.

    Just UI stuff, not a huge deal.

  3. I understand your complaint. I think it's my fault that I didn't show clearly that you can in fact zoom out, since all screenshots are the default zoom (zoomed in all the way). This is what it looks like zoomed out all the way:

    The maximum zoom will show all of the galaxy, no matter how big the galaxy is (the zoom levels are based on the galaxy), but the bigger the galaxy is, the smaller the stars will be when zoomed out, hence the reason for the ability to zoom.

    And yes, the individual ships can be damaged in combat, and lose some components, requiring you to put them into reserve to refit them with new components. That's the plan now that I don't handle ships like stacks :)

  4. This is not directly related to the current post. But a random question. What is the size in pixels of the little men sprites in the planetary invasion screen?

  5. They are 32x32 pixels. For reference: