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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Galaxy Screen done for now

I've fixed bugs in the new UI windows (Planet, System, and Fleet), fleshed out the missing features (except for the special buttons, still awaiting artwork for that), and made it so that you can't select other players' ships (you can hover over them for info, but can't select them as if you're about to issue movement commands).

I also added a check for each turn that ensures that your food production and pollution cleanup are at their optimal output (all pollution cleaned up if possible, then enough to feed your people). However, if you've locked the food or pollution sliders, they won't be touched. Other sliders, if locked, won't budge as well.

I'm feeling good about having the galaxy screen done. There's still some missing features, but they require other stuff to be implemented before I can add them.

Next up is the planet list screen where you can manage your planets. Still thinking about how to display the stargate info...


  1. Hmm. The fact you say you can get information on other player's ships makes me ask. How do you forsee scouting, early warning and the detection of ships/fleets/colonies occuring in the game once it's implemented?

  2. The plan is that ships and planets both have radar, similar to Imperium Galactica. So you can detect other ships from your ships. Radar range can be improved with better technologies and components.

    Contact occurs when two empires see each other's ships or planets on their radar, and is never broken again unless one is wiped out.

    Later radar technologies will allow you to see the path they've traveled from (warp trails) allowing you to predict where they're going.

  3. I'm confused by this never broken again thing. So if a terran patrol boat sees a space hamster scout ship which subsequently runs off the terran empire will still see the hamster scout even though said ship has now escaped the patrol boat's scanner range?

  4. No, what I meant is that once you've established a diplomatic contact with another empire, you don't go out of contact again.

    However, unlike MoO series where once you establish a diplomatic contact, you don't see their planets. So you may meet someone but don't know where they come from. If you agree to intelligence treaty, then you will both share all explored systems and radar sharing.

  5. I have high hopes for this game/project, and i think that if you keep it up, it will be very fun to play :) (especially in Multi-player)


  6. Thanks for the support! Yeah, I hope it'll be fun to play, otherwise what's the point of me making it? :)

    Since the new galaxy screen basically made most screens unusuable, the next alpha version will be after I've redone the following screens:
    Ship design
    Fleet management screen
    Planet management screen
    Production screen

    Then the next version will have the research and diplomacy screens redone, as well as final touches for the existing screens. The next thing will be space combat!